Frequently Asked Questions

Yes bring your favorite snakes from Trader Joes ect or wait till you can go to the local markets on the drive into Playa LaSaladita. At Rust's Villa we have a full size refrigerator in the pool bar with a bar refrigerator all for your personal needs. There are several restaurants on the beach to choose from when you arrive. So enjoy the restaurants if you decide not to cook.

No Diving Allowed, All kids must be accompanied by parents at pool side at all times. Babies or infants must wear water proof pool diapers with parents supervision while around centrally located pool or in pool cooling off. Be safe with your kids its all good to enjoy this salt water pool while you visit Rustys Surf Villa.

Surfboards long or short Mostly long board break however on the bigger swells all boards find there use in the line up. A lot of surfers like to mix it up so why not bring both long and short boards just because you can. Alaska Air still allows 10 foot board bags when other airlines do not. Check with your airlines to make sure your good to go with what you pack into the plane.