Air Conditioning in the Works

Rusty's Surf Villa will have AIR CONDITIONING in all rooms. January 15th will be installing the last two air conditioners to upgrade nicely and put the finishing touches so your comfort level is 110%

Rusty's Surf Villa Sub Division.

Sony Boy Meets Humphry

The first time Sony Boy meets Rustys Surf Villa mascot Humphry

Rusty Surf Villa Party Tub

Before or After a Frisbee Horshoes Game and especially after a long surf the tub is set up nicely here at Rusty's Surf Villa, Playa LaSaladita Mexico.

Christmas Eve Frisbanator Championships Begin

Rusty is up first for the Christmas Eve Frisbanator Play-Offs. This is the first annual Frisbanator Championships being held here at Rusty's Surf Villa. First one to make the hoop wins the title here at Playa LaSaladita. Home of the longest left in mainland Mexico.

Rusty's Surf Villa Visual Walkthrough

Red Eyed Buck Toothed Frankinfish Caught at Rusty's Surf Villa

Top News this am a red eyed buck toothed frankenfish caught at Rustys Surf Villa

Tim Dorsey Walking the goat Persilla

Tim Dorsey walking the dogs and goat Persilla by Rusty's Surf Villa and checking out the surf for later in the day maybe Nobody's Right will be going off in front of the Villa?

Horseback Riding Available at Rusty's Surf Villa

Local horses wonder on by the riverbed next to Rusty's Surf Villa. We have one amigo that can set you up with rental horses anytime you want to ride off into the sunset.

Nobody's Working on a Cheep Suntan