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Welcome to Rustys Villa

Beach House and Vacation Rentals La Saladita (Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo, Mexico)

Its all about surfing once your in Rusty's Villa. This beautiful 3 bedroom Villa is located in walking distance of the famous left point break that has been featured in Longboard magazine with rides that line up on the face 400 yards or more on the biggest days holding shape all the way into the shore break. The conical shell shaped pool in the center of the house has a swim up pool bar and a jacuzzi tub up high with the run off acting as a waterfall into the swimming pool. No Children under 5 We have a swimming pool inside the center of the house with NO Lifeguard On Duty. Parents will be on the pool deck at all times while children are in the swimming pool.

Since the shape of the pool was built first the shape of the bedrooms are similar to the pool as the whole villa is built around the pool making the architectural values in the Villa very different from any other tropical resort that you may of stayed in. Our kitchen is located on the pool deck so all your cooking is outdoors looking over playa LaSaladita. Upon request you can hire a private cook to come in and prepare your special meals for big parties you may have while you visit and if you like we can arrange horse rentals so you can ride off into the sunset.

We are a surf villa and offer surf lessons with local pro Wax Surf Productions also video and still photos. Talk to Wax and he will offer you Surf Tours with video package DVD or still photos to take home with you. Surf with the local pros's. We also have airport pick up and return if you need this service we charge $200.00 and you also get to go to super market and stock up your food supplies on your way into Rusty's Surf Villa if you decide not to rent a car. We have other local taxis as an option to renting expensive vehicles.

Rustys Surf Villa provides complete access to the surf of playa la saladita from its panaramic look out view of the point break surf at punta la saladita to the pounding waves and tropical sunsets it is la saladita Por Vida! Be sure to take a dip in our salt water pool with bar it is perfect for unwinding after a long day of surf


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Tropical Vacation Rentals in La Saladita Mexico

You gotta love it the season is in full swing down here in La Saladita Mexico This year we have seen some of the best waves in recent memory the point break is so beautiful and perfect for longboarding.

Rentals - Booking Rates

Rusty's Villa is a Beach House with Vacation Rentals on the beach of La Saladita, Mexico, known by surfers around the world, especially longboarders, for its consistent long left break rides. La Saladita, a pristine and tranquill beach destination, La Saladita is a short drive to Troncones,  and 40 minutes from the nightlife of Ixtapa and the old world style of the city of Zihuaetejo.

$100.00 per night for pool side bedrooms $150.00 for beach front suites available now at Rusty's Villa  One front bedroom with 2 poolside rooms available at Rusty's Surf Villa $2,500.00 per week with a party of 6.  All bedrooms have their own private bathrooms. 2 on pool side have solo beds that can be converted into king size beds if necessary. Front bedroom has ocean view with king size bed and a huge hot or cold tub in the bathroom. Go to our photo gallery to see how awesome this Villa is set up for your comfort. The on demand Bosh state of the art hot water heater needs to be replaced as it broke this year 2011 from salt water damage.  


Air Conditioning in the Works

Rusty's Surf Villa will have AIR CONDITIONING in all rooms. January 15th will be installing the last two air conditioners to upgrade nicely and put the finishing touches so your comfort level is 110%

Goofy Foot Heaven

Manny is testing his shapes daily here at Playa LaSaladita while visiting Rusty's Surf Villa, making changes to his surfboards once back in the shaping room fine tuning is the art that surfers are waiting for. Pure Stoke once you ride lefts that have 300 yard run outs or more you can truly say "Its the Only Way to Travel" Long paddle outs but its all worth while as you enjoy Playa LaSalaidta perfect wave you keep comming back every chance you get.

Surfing LaSaladita Magic

Manny ripping up the glass one Wendsday morning just because he can. Playa LaSaladita has one of the longest surfing waves in mainland Mexico. Ultra high tides in October but swells back to back to keep you surfing everyday of your vacation will be the report once back in his shaping room in Encinitas Californa.

Manny Surfing LaSaladita October 2010

Mandala Custom Shapes


Rusty's Mexico Vacation Rental

This video shows off Surfers Suite #1 www.rustyssurfvilla.com Presteen setting for all your vacation needs.

Visual of Rusty's Surf Villa

Tourism to Mexico jumps nearly 20%

Good News South of the Border with Tourism jumping 20% on the peaceful beaches in Maninland Mexico.


Olas Chidas LaSaladita Surfing


For the best time in La Saladita Mexico for surfing beach house and vacation rentals with all services in zihuatanejo check out Rustys Surf Villa call us Rusty 949-705-7009 Mexico Cell 01152-1-755-117-4721